Coaching for Sport, Health and Executive Fitness

My name is James Herrera, founder of Performance Driven Coaching. Being involved in sport at a very young age, I can quite honestly say, many of my most important life lessons were learned on the playground. I might be able to extrapolate that to the swimming pool, athletic fields, BMX track...but you get the point. Simply put, I learned to have fun, work hard to get ahead, function within a team environment, and make split second decisions that dictate my future. Additionally, I developed a passion for movement, exercise if you will, that has stayed with me into my adult years.

As an exercise physiologist, researcher, educator, and coach, I have come to know the value of good fitness and nutrition practices, and the impact positive change can have on an individual. While our adult lives are riddled with career goals, family and other life obligations, I encourage you to hang on to just a small piece of that time in life when everything was about fun.

Gaining cardiovascular and muscular fitness, learning to eat properly to improve your health and trim a few inches, and propelling yourself more quickly at your sport of choice are all decisions that you have the ability to make.

Let me help you have some fun, make a change, and get on track.